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Draw a line between each pair of cities in each question. Understand a scale written as a ratio b scale is independent of units, when expressed as a ratio. Worksheets are using a map scale, working with scales work, a guide to scale and map. Using a map scale worksheet new using a map scale worksheets geography i would use this in my or grade class to teach the students about maps. On the map is a 4 cm line that represents an actual distance of 50 km. Use the map of lakeside campground to answer the questions about the. Working with scales worksheet here is a map of northwestern tasmania. Read each question carefully before you begin answering it. Displaying all worksheets related to map scale practice.

Find the actual distance between the two points in km. Find the length in centimetres between the two villages on a map with a scale of 1. On the map, the distance between two houses is 9cm. Under each day you will find a link to any homework or worksheets you may need. Publication print shop order for worksheets needed to teach map unit. The length between the two villages on a map is 19 cm.

This activity includes a pair of worksheets to give students practice using latitude, longitude, and map scale. This is to help the learner to get a comprehensive understanding of the concept being built up. A guide to scale and map work teaching approach this series consist of four lessons which should be played in order. Measuring distances on a map national geographic society. Map skills thousands of printable worksheets and study.

Using the scale on the map and the ruler at the bottom of the page, measure the distance from one dot to the other, working your way along the path. Students use an inch ruler and this scale to calculate 6 measures of distance between cities on the map. Measuring distances on a map students use a map scale to measure distance between cities and other places on a map of your state. Using a map scale 1 inch 2 inch 3 inch 4 inch 5 inch 6 inch scale. This website and its content is subject to our terms and conditions.

Map scale practice europe itinerary this chart is perfect for students to keep in their interactive notebooks. A b c d north, south, east, west north, west, there, here 2 near, far, close, inbetween northwest, south, under, over which of these is not a type of map. Each worksheet includes a map for use with the worksheet. Use the scale on the map to answer the distance questions below. Strahan and queenstown stanley and wynyard devonport and queenstown. Exam style questions corbettmaths videos, worksheets. Use these social studies worksheets to teach map skills, including using a compass rose, using a scale of miles, reading a map key, finding places on a street map.

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