Nmodelo de kronig-penney pdf

January 25, 2012 the kronigpenney model describes electron motion in a period array of rectangular barriers fig. In the kronigpenney model, the electron wavefunctions have a freeparticle form in the interval between the atoms. The first assumption is to consider a row of evenly spaced atoms with average distance a. The kronigpenney model solid state physics electronic. Blochs theorem and kronigpenney model free download as powerpoint presentation. A lecture note on blochs theorem and kronigpenney model.

I explain in this video using the kronig penney model. Suppression of localization in kronigpenney models with correlated. According to quantum free electron theory of metals, a conduction electron in a metal experiences constant or zero potential and free to move inside the crystal but will not come out of the metal because an infinite potential exists at the surface. The kronigpenney model 1 is a simplified model for an electron in a onedimensional periodic potential. A single lecture illustrating the band structure of solids donald a. An analysis of twodimensional 2d effects in the nonlinear kronigpenney model is presented. Derivation of the kronigpenney model the solution to schrodingers equation for the kronigpenney potential previously shown in figure 2.

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