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The antifascists 2017 documentary film english information official site patrik oberg emil ramos aeaeae produktion political documentary society. Antifascist definition of antifascist by merriamwebster. About us the antifascist network is a network of independent and grassroots groups working together against the rise of racism and fascism in our communities. This movement has its roots into the fight against the rise of interwar fascism, the battle against the national front in britain and neonazis in postwar germany, and antiracist action in the u. The antifascist handbook mark bray author 2% sales rank in books. This documentary takes us behind the masks of the militant groups called antifascists. Europhras 2019 tradulex is an international network of professional. June 2, 2017 the portland killings show why we need a robust antifascist movement.

Washington the death of heather heyer and the wounding of 19 others by a neonazi at a white nationalist rally in charlottesville, va. The documentary the antifascists, released in march 2017, opens up this rather narrow mainstream discourse. On thursday 27th of april the film the antifascists will be premiered for the first time. A documentary about the antifascist movement in sweden and greece. Starting with a warning from history about the failure to deal with the threat posed by nazism and the far right, the film offers a glimpse behind the masks of antifascists in two european states. In this portrait of the antifascists in greece and sweden we get to meet key figures that explain their view on their radical politics but also to question. Now celebrating 200 different screenings worldwide in over 50 countries. Yet the extremist killings that have happened within a 100 mile radius of me in the past 10 years have always been fascist supporters. The documentary has been critically acclaimed in newspapers, radio channels and streaming sites.

The altright is closer to power than ever, yet they have never been further from reality. The swedish movement they talk about have taken responsibility for 14 murders since 1999 source in swedish and has commited several acts of arson against immigrant housing facilities and tried to detonate bombs at political meeting places. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. Patriot prayer has continued to antagonize seattle, however. Whilst the london evening standard likes to believe that the south east alliance a coalition of fascists formed out of the dying embers of the national front, the bnp, english volunteer force and british movement pulled out 40 members, their actual numbers were closer to, but not. During an antifa brawl, one reporter put his body on the line.

During an antifa brawl, one reporter put his body on the line to stop a beat down. Antifascists oppose fascist groups wherever they go. Todays antifascists arent like yesterdays antifascists. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading antifa. Documentary film 2017 official site english swedish greek. Seth abramson has tracked every one of these farflung reports and now in, proof of collusion, he finally gives us a record of the unthinkablea president compromising american foreign policy in exchange for the promise of future business and covert election assistance. May 10, 2017 this documentary takes us behind the masks of the militant groups called antifascists.

The antifascists 2017 a swedishgreek documentary that takes us behind the masks of the militant groups called antifascists. Jul 03, 2017 following recent terrorist attacks, the subsequent unite against hate demo in manchester one of the largest and most violently islamophobic right wing demonstrations many of us had seen in years, and last weeks attack on finsbury park mosque, saturday 24th june looked like a potential shit show in central london. The antifascists 2017 the antifascists is a documentary about antifascists in sweden and greece. Posted on june 11, 2017 by john hinderaker in leftism, liberals. May 21, 2018 on january 29, 2017, a gunman entered the islamic cultural center in stefoy and opened fire. Interview with a director of the antifascists varis. In proceedings of the 2017 conference on empirical methods in natural. Aug 28, 2017 during an antifa brawl, one reporter put his body on the line to stop a beat down. As the video spread, interest in antifascism spiked, and i can. The small handful of brawls between antifascists and antimarxist. Jul 31, 2017 the documentary the antifascists, released in march 2017, opens up this rather narrow mainstream discourse. To say that fascists descended on croydon on saturday may 6th would be both an exaggerated lie and hyperbole. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. George soros may want his money back, today after refuse fascisms mass insurrection failed to materialize on november 4.

We are a group of people from all over the autonomous left that take a proactive stance against fascism flaring up within our communities. Jun 02, 2017 web only features june 2, 2017 the portland killings show why we need a robust antifascist movement. With the propaganda reigning the internet, i keep hearing that antifa threatens to kill families, does this, does thatbla bla bla. The media portrays them as everywhere at oncefrom the beleaguered white house to your neighborhood street corner, wheat pasting fascist literature about european identity. A low intense war is being fought on the streets of europe and the aim is on fascism. Antifascist definition of antifascist by the free dictionary. Np noun phrases, twice, advp adverbial phrase and vf finite. The antifascists 2017 documentary film official site. Malyshkin charged that the white movement had remained distant. Author of antifa handbook defends antifascist violence. The related term antifa, derived from the german word antifaschismus, usually refers to militant leftwing individuals and groups who actively oppose fascism and fascists.

Aug 15, 2017 antifa hit the bigtime in 2017 when an asyetunidentified inauguration protester punched 38yearold professional fascist cheerleader richard spencer in the face on camera. The antifascist handbook kindle edition by bray, mark. Carnegie scholar publication program in 2017 new york university. Download the antifascists full movie hd quality 720p free regarder avatar en streaming hd vf the antifascists, regarder streaming hd gratuit the antifascists, regarder lion en streaming hd vf the an. This critically acclaimed documentary takes us behind the. Jul 05, 2017 antifascists keep pounding on how the communists antifascists liberated the croatian people in wwii, regardless of the fact that any liberation had to do with maintaining yugoslavia as a conglomerate or federation of different states as opposed to independence of the croatian state and nation. The mosque has been targeted by racist and antiimmigrant vandalism in the past. By michael levenson globe staff, august 15, 2017, 8.

The farright media circuit has turned antifa, whatever they think that means, into their catchall boogeyman. Vaterlandische front, vf was the rightwing to farright. A look at the antifascist movement confronting white. Traitors, collaborators and deserters in contemporary european. Seidman identifies two types of antifascism revolutionary and counterrevolutionary seidman uses counterrevolutionary in a neutral sense, noting it is generally thought of as a pejorative. This critically acclaimed documentary takes us behind the masks of the militants called antifascists. Michael seidman argues that traditionally antifascism was seen as the purview of the political left but that in recent years this has been questioned. The portland killings show why we need a robust antifascist. In 20 a group of armed nazis attacks a peaceful demonstration in stockholm where several people are injured. The antifascists posted by laborsolidaritycommittee when. President trump is facing widespread criticism for his latest comments on the deadly white supremacist protest in charlottesville, virginia.

The people mentioned in the film are actual nazis, as in the kind that murders and beats up the opposition. Mar 09, 2017 a low intense war is being fought on the streets of europe and the aim is on fascism. The clip went viral, and the internet memed it to deathnow you can even punch spencer in a mobile game. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. Antifascist reading list for the antifascist movement. When the antifascists show up armed to the teeth by will carless april 7, 2017 police escort a wounded man after members of rightwing extremists groups holding a rally outside the california state capitol building clashed with counterprotesters in june. Release dates 1 also known as aka 3 release dates sweden 9 march 2017 zita folkets bio.

It is time to find common cause in antifascist action. During an antifa brawl, one reporter put his body on the. In greece the neonazi party golden dawn becomes the third largest in the election and in. The group clashed with antifascists, although may day 2017 in seattle was much calmer than in past years.

Review of the antifascists documentary, 2017 directed by patrik oberg and emil ramos self defense is antifascism, says showan, who was brutally attacked by nazis during the womens day in malmo in 2014. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. With kajsa ekis ekman, showan shattak, athena farrokhzad, joel bjurstromer almgren. Speaking at trump tower on tuesday, trump said the. Antifascism is the opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals. Subtitles are available in cc click at the 4th button on the right at the bottom of the video player, at the third button from the right you can choose your language. Review of the antifascists documentary, 2017 varis. The antifascists premiered in march 2017 and has now been screened 200 times at cinemas, schools, cultural houses etc.

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