Redzone compound bow setup book

Redzone firestar 25 lbs jr youth light compound bow extreme. The 5 calibers to claim the most powerful handgun in the world title reupload. Compound bow selection archery supplies australias largest and. Compound bows come set up from the factory and you should not make any adjustment to string length or brace height. Paper tuning these paper tuning instructions will assist you in achieving good arrow flight. Bowtech manufactures and distributes the worlds finest compound bows and archery equipment.

Larry wise is a world field archery and national target archery champion who knows and understands the bow tuning and performance problems archers encounter. Even though paper tuning is not the endall method of gaining perfect arrow flight, it is a guideline and a good starting point for achieving that goal. Archery compound bows for sale shop with afterpay ebay. Redzone 30 alloy field arrows with screw on points are suitable for bows with a draw weight of up to 60 pounds. Hoyt pro archer david houser is one of those few compound bow archers who successfully competes in both the 3d and indoor spottarget games. The falcon is the perfect introduction to the world of compound bows. Because it has no center shot like a compound bow should if. With most modern compound bows, by changing the bow weight you do not change the draw length. Redzone vulture 2545 lbs compound bow package extreme gear. Light compound bow set that can be shot either left or right handed. How to set up a compound bow instruction video youtube. The distance from the riser to the string, as shown in the photo below, should be the same for both.

After only a few hours of shooting, we knew that this would be a brawl. Centershot is slightly different for every bow model but 16 or 78inch from the riser is a good place to start. What does adding or removing twists from your cables do to. A guide to tuning and shooting compound bows dec 7, 2010 edition. The redzone fire hawk 36 longbow sets is a great recreational bow for recommended ages from 4 to 8 years old. It is basically a recurve bow with cams stuck on it. Redzone falcon compound package halls oreillys firearms. The pse vision, pse surge and pse bowmadness should be the 3 bows you look at. All compound bows come with the facility to can change bow weight and tiller set up.

Bow bag redzone falcon compound bow deluxe package includes alloy wheels metal cables 6arrow camo quiver trislot peep sight fitted. To begin paper tuning your bow you must set up a frame covered with paper. Youth light compound bow, bow cablestring, arrow rest and adjustable basic brass pin sight. Redzone archery extreme gear bundaberg extreme gear. Redzone fire hawk 12 lbs 36 fibreglass longbow archers set. Bowtech archery an entire company obsessed with accuracy. For most bows the bow weight range is around 10 lb. Bolt the rest to the bow, nock an arrow, level it, and eyeball the whole thing so the arrow is running straight parallel to the flat side of the riser. Compact size, easy to carry and calliper release aid is recommended. Just last year, houser finished second by a single bonus ring at the 2015 asa classic in the known50 division just a few months after shooting a perfect, 600 round, and qualifying for the final shootoff at the 2015 nfaa indoor nationals championships. Tuning your compound bow by larry wise is a must have book if you are serious about the sport of archery. The new redzone braided wrist sling is designed to fit all compound bows.

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