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Schneider electric modbus software free download schneider. Powerlogic ethernet gateway users guide instruction bulletin. Schneider electric energy management software products such as ione, vijeo citect, powerlogic scada for pinpointing energy usage and wastage. June 6, 2007 square d powerlogic pm750 meter is an ideal replacement for analog meters, and can be used for standalone metering in custom panels, switchboards, switchgear, gensets, motor control centers and ups systems. Puerto opcional rs485 con protocolo compatible estandar modbus rtu e ion. Data port has builtin impedance matched design for low reflectance on.

Price list power monitoring solutions metering products. Power meter 710 reference manual 63230501209a1 instruction bulletin. This capability allows the use of power monitoring software to access information from devices for data collection, trending, alarm. Schneider metsepm5100 pm5100 powermeter wo modbus upto 15th h 1do 33alarms flush mount price. Connectivity solutions for schneider electric networks and. Ion 7500 ion 7600 ion 8000 series modbus register map. Power monitoring and control powerlogic power monitoring and control systems metering class 3020, 3090 the powerlogic circuit monitor is a multifunction, digital instrumentation, data acquisition and control device capable of replacing a variety of meters, relays, transducers and other components. The meters have direct connection up to 690v ll without voltage transformers complaint with cat iii. In a single 96 x 96 mm unit, with a graphical display, all three phases, neutral and ground can be monitored simultaneously. Imprimerie du pontdeclaix 032007 powerlogic and ion power measurement and its ion products were recently acquired by schneider electric and integrated within our powerlogic range of software and hardware, creating the worlds largest line of. Upgrading powerlogic pm5500 meter firmware via ftp. Ideal for metering and monitoring applications, it can be integrated in a powerlogic system to increase the reliability of your installation while cutting costs. Power meter 750 reference manual instruction bulletin 63230507201a1 032007.

Powerlogic pm700 series downloads schneider electric. Schneider electric modbus, free schneider electric modbus software downloads, page 3. This data is being extracted with help of the advanced serial data logger modbus rtu,ascii or advanced tcpip data logger modbus tcp software only. Powerlogic powermonitoring units power meter series 800.

The powerlogic pm700 series power meter offers all the measurement capabilities required to. Rs 485 port pm710 and pm750 2wire, up to 19200 bauds, modbus rtu double insulation. Pm710, pm750 and pm800 series wiring diagram to comx 200210510. Powerlogictm scada system integrators manual version 7. Ion, ion enterprise, modbus, modicon, powerlogic and schneider electric are trademarks. The pm8m2222 is equipped with two digital outputs, two digital inputs, two analog outputs, and two. Deenergise the pm500 before installing the optional modules. Powerlogic pm5000 series pm5100, pm5300, pm5500 installation and user guide. All models include an easytoread display that presents measurements for all three. This procedure is useful when ethernet is unavailable.

Setting powerlogic pm800 clock via modbus register writes. Dec 01, 2016 tutorial for upgrading firmware on powerlogic pm5500 via ftp to learn more, please visit the schneider electric faq. To make modbus devices appear as individual bacnet devices a basgatewaylx is used. Modbus protocol for integration with energy management systems. The powerlogic power meter inputoutput module pm io is available in three models. Failure to use schneider electric software or approved software with our hardware products may result. Power meter pm800 inputoutput module pm8m2222, pm8m26, pm8m22. Schneider powerlogic pm5310 3 phase power meter 31st thd. Powerlogic series 800 power meter 63230500201a3 chapter 1introduction 62006 2 topics not covered in this manual some of the power meters advanced features, such as onboard data logs and alarm log files, can only be set up over the communications link using system manager tm software sms from powerlogic. Schneider electric conpad meter programming and basic data reading utility.

Follow the manufacturers instructions to properly configure the pm800 for modbus rtu communication see the illustration at right. Schneider powerlogic pm5111 3 phase power mid meter 15th. Adding a powerlogic device via modbus ethernet gateway to ion. Powerlogic pm700 series documents and downloads schneider. Buy schneider electric 3 phase digital power meter with pulse output, 92mm cutout height pm750mg. Schneider releases powerlogic pm750 electric meter. Ln frequency range ct ratings primary 45 to 65 hz adjustable from 5a to 32767 a secondary 5 a or 1a measurement input range 5 ma to 6 a 10 a continuous inputcurrent permissible overload 50 a for 10 seconds per hour 120 a for 1 second per hour control power digital output. Schneider powerlogic pm5111 3 phase power mid meter 15th thd. Powerlogic scada system integrators manual, version 7. The modbus tcpip protocol driver can interface many different protocols into schneider electric quantum processors as well other solutions supporting the protocol. To learn more, please visit the schneider electric faq. The schneider pm5111 provides an excellent mid approved metering solution for highly accurate tenant and subbilling applications.

Pm750mg schneider electric 3 phase digital power meter with. Tutorial for upgrading firmware on powerlogic pm5500 via ftp to learn more, please visit the schneider electric faq. Schneider powerlogic pm5100 3 phase power meter 15th thd. Pm710, basic version plus an rs 485 port for modbus. Schneider electric power monitoring and control 295 tech park drive, suite 100 lavergne, tn 37086 tel. Modbus rs485 option 2wire, up to 38400 bauds, modbus rtu. Chapter 3 wiring of the modbus communication network. Powerlogic the comparisons below represent the maximum capabilities of each meter with all options installed. Rs485 serial channel connection industry standard modbus rtu protocol integration with software scada dcs pms ems bas bms software native plug and play support schneider electric energy management system software struxureware power monitoring expert, struxureware powerscada expert along with ion setup programming support minmax values.

Pm750, idem als pm710 plus twee logische ingangen en een logische uitgang, alarmen en. Modbus protocol for integration with power and energy management software such as powerlogic ion enterprise, powerlogic system. The powerlogic modbus plus nim allows powerlogic circuit monitors, other pnim or rnim devices, and modbus rtu devices to be accessed from a modbus plus network. Pm750, same functions as the pm710, plus two digital inputs, one digital output. Model pm750 and pm710 meters are compatible with powerlogic facilitylevel or. The modbus plus protocol driver supports both master and slave implementations of the protocol on the db9 female modbus plus port. Compare pricing for schneider electric pm750mg across 2 distributors and discover alternative parts, cad models, technical specifications, datasheets, and more on octopart. Modbus remains a popular network interface, and is commonly found on jobs such as boiler control, variable speed drives, and metering applications, but these devices lack bacnet compliance. The baud rate should be set to 9600, parity set to none. Schneider powerlogic pm8000 meter via obvius acquisuite emb a8810 gateway are you ready for energy savings.

Make sure the com address of each meter to be monitored is unique. Pb101824 50 pb1018216 34 part numbers continued description optional modules ethernet communication module provides a 10100basetx utp port, an rs485 modbus serial master port, ethernettoserial line gateway. It can be mounted on the back of a series 2000 circuit monitors or used standalone pn pmnsa. Easylogic pm2100 series schneider electric documents. Pqs powerlogic pm5100 series power and energy meter user guide eav15105 en04 022015. Purpose of the communications protocol the modbus protocol allows data and setup information to be efficiently transferred between a modbus master stat ion and a modbus slav e. This product must be installed, connected, and used in compliance with prevailing standards andor installation regulations. Electrical equipment should be installed, operated, serviced, and maintained only by qualified personnel. Schneider electric and recently acquired power measurement have received.

Pm710, pm750 and pm800 series wiring diagram to comx 200 210510. Adding a powerlogic device via modbus ethernet gateway to ion setup schneider. For information on the modbus implementation in the ion6200, see the powerlogic ion6200 serial communication s protocol and ionmodbus register map document. Cooling critical power and cooling services data center software it power. Feb, 2017 tutorial for setting the date and time on powerlogic pm800 series meters via direct writes to modbus registers. The schneider electric brand and any registered trademarks of schneider electric. Because the 64bit objects are not natively supported by nuemric objects yet, we have to use ascii objects to display them. Modbus protocol and serial communications in general.

Camax are now selling the powerlogic pm5000 3 phase standard din 96x96mm panel mount meter series. Powerlogic pm700 series power and energy meters azzo. Use the driver schneider powerlogic modbus rtu, you should see that it has extra data types in addition to modbus ones. Connectivity solutions for your schneider electric applications. Pm710, basic version plus an rs 485 port for modbus communication. The powerlogic power meter series 800 offers many highperformance capabilities needed to meter and monitor an electrical installation in a compact 96 x 96 mm unit.

The egx uses modbustcp protocol to access power monitoring information across a local area network lan or a wide area network wan. Pm710, basisversie plus modbus communicatie op rs485. The download firmware upgrade utility dlf3000 is a tool used to install the latest firmware version for your powerlogic or powerlink device. Modbus compatible, ready to use with powerlogic powerview and system manager software, tenant metering software tms and powerlogic ion enterprise software. For information on using your ion meter as a modbus slave or modbus master, see the modbus and ion technology technical note and your meters user guide. Powerlogic pm700 series compact, versatile meters for feeders or critical loads. Powerlogic power meter 210 reference manual instruction bulletin 63230510205a1. Modbus plus to modbus tcpip gateway prosoft technology. Anybus offers device manufacturers, machine builders and system integrators with critical components or connectivity solutions that extend and enhance schneider electric installations and has been awarded the status of gold technology partner. Schneider powerlogic pm8000 meter via obvius acquisuite emb. Schneider powerlogic pm5310 3 phase power meter 31st thd cl0.

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